What we do at MEGHEE

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps helps you reach your target market easily, because 80% of the internet users uses their mobile phones. We build Apps that run on both Android and Ios

Web Development

We build and develop all kinds of website your organisation need. We can turn your ideas into reality.

Software Development

We build and develop customized Softwares for any business or organisation, Ranging from Accounting, Reservation, Attendance Systems.Etc

UI & UX Designs

We combine interactive designs and user testing for easy market penetration to bring about a soothing and wonderful experience while using the product.

Software Testing

We evaluate the functionality of a software application to identify the defects & to ensure that the product is defect free in order to produce the quality product

Training (Academy)

We have an academy where we train students on developing a career on software development from Beginner to Experts Level.

About Us

Core Solutions

MEGHEE is a digital company for 21st century organisations; private and public including Non Government organisations. We deliver custom-tailored services for organizations of any size. By partnering with MEGHEE, we can help lead your organization forward with highly-effective tech strategies. We implement innovative solutions with our digital services as we empower your business to start winning with technology.

Meghee offers expert, affordable digital services to help you achieve your short and long term objectives.

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We are Unique

We are creative, Innovative, and our softwares are 100% Automation


We are creative in everything we do. We build products from ideas to Launch..


We don't just build softwares, We innovate our softwares making it different from what you know.

100% Automation

We allow Clients focus on what really matters and allow our automation softwares handle task effectively for them.

Some Case Study

Client Aid in Retention and Treatment System (CARTS)

CARTS is designed by MEGHEE having in mind the interest of clients at heart. It is a system built to help DOLF an NGO in Port Harcourt to effectively manage and monitor their clients’ data base in order to promote the quality of their medical services. With this system, staffs can comfortably login to their different accounts to carry out their daily job requirements, as well as their patients receiving automated daily Sms, as a reminder for their medications, THE SYSTEM also generates staffs monthly report of activities etc.

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We deliver excellent and world class services.

School Management System
Hotel Management System
Online Shopping/Ecommerce
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MEGHEE Academy.

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