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Meghee provides solutions in the Healthcare sector by introducing HealthConnect. HealthConnect is a platform as a service that connects patients to doctors and pharmacies from a particular hospital. This solution helps hospitals to handle emergency services including ordering for ambulances and consultations, it has a DIY page where users learn how to give first aid service to a patient.

Helps you to manage your hospital, patients, billing, and claims, EMR in an organized and easy manner, and communicating with patient relatives. HealthConnect is the 21st century medical platform as a service that provides fully functional medical services.

Over this period of existence HealthConnect has provided service to more local hospitals. The word local here is used to describe the current location where the hospitals are. Health Care has been a major concern for us especially this time of Covid. 

Supporting the healthcare workers with a system like this, is a way to manage the process of close contact and exposure of workers to infected patients, our team of committed designers and developers were able to put this through with the collaboration and demand of some hospitals in our city.

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