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From Zero to Experinced Ui/Ux Designer As An Intern.


From Zero to Experinced Ui/Ux Designer As An Intern.

I’m Uche, a graduate from the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the Federal University Of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

Tech skills are quite popular today but acquiring it can be a daunting task, hence a lot of people explore bootcamps and internship opportunities.

Interning with an organization entails taking up a job or responsibility within that organization in order to learn or master a certain skill or profession. I grew up getting inclined to technology even though I majored in a different field. This inclination saw me try to find where I could intern to master tech skills after previously trying to learn programming and data analytics on my own.

Interning with Meghee Inc. in the last couple of months has been an amazing experience. The internship experience so far has been uniquely refreshing as all interns are engrained in the day to day activities of the organization, rather than being peripheral parts of the organization.

Together with fellow interns admitted into the internship program, we commenced our internship on Monday 15 June, where I was paired with another intern under the UI/UX Stack.

The journey thus far has been educative and challenging as well as it takes a good level of dedication and discipline to achieve anything worthwhile. I have been immersed thoroughly in UI/UX design, more than I would have on my own. The UI/UX design instructor is very friendly and succinct in delivering and passing on knowledge and I feel very confident already.

I have been able to learn about UI/UX fundamentals, the difference between UI and UX, how to use design tools like Adobe XD, color combinations, how to recreate existing designs and also spot errors and flaws in existing designs, low fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes, and prototyping.

I have also been taught how to create a design from scratch. In addition to the above, there is also the added advantage of working and learning with real time projects when you intern with Meghee Inc., as I have been drafted onto a team that would execute an upgraded version of one of her products.

The organizational culture at Meghee Inc. is wonderful and one to be experienced as well. From my very first day at the organization, it was obvious everyone is a family and I was made to feel like a part of this family from that moment.

Fridays are usually reserved for burning out steam after the week’s activities, this is done by incorporating and creating a balance between work and play and/or inviting professionals who have gone ahead to achieve so much in the profession to inspire us. Needless to say, Meghee upheld her core values of mastery, excellence, goal-driven, humanity, eminence, and exceptionality.

From having teammates who are your biggest fans to management that cares and are invested in your growth, I must say Meghee truly met her objectives of providing solutions and exceeding expectations, as I have been blown away thus far.

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