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A student’s K-12 experience has a profound impact on their future, looking at what the future holds for us, you will agree that it is of more value to a parent when his or her child is internet savvy from a tender age.  Our educational system was interrupted by Covid-19 and most school learning processes were on hold.

We live in a moment where technology can be used with literally everything we do, from work, learning, and social life. As an organization that is human centric and solution driven, we have been able to provide solutions to the challenge being faced by school owners and optimize the way administration is carried out. E-learning is the remote way of education and has helped many school owners operate without the fear of Covid-19 and has conducted successful exams, online laboratories, and also handle admission.

With CloudNotte we are able to provide easy to use software that has helped a lot of school owners and teachers carry out their activities, CloudNotte is an education technology solution that supports e-learning, and online child safety. It also has a community of people that believes and trust in the growth of quality education around Africa.

CloudNotte has successfully conducted E-learning with more than 135 schools and it has over 25000 students from different schools with parents’ details. CloudNotte keeps parents informed about a child’s academic performance.

For one, the great or extreme scale of the problem is finally sinking in. We’ve always known that good schools lead to good jobs and a prosperous economy, but new information have drawn attention to just how broken these links of the chain have become, for instance, we are worried that a lack of skilled labor holds back their company’s growth, while more people can’t find job is this current age of industrial revolution could be trace to low exposure to technology tools. Even at the primary school level, where 250 million students remain illiterate (pdf), the private sector likewise faces significant future risk from gaps in education and key workforce skills.

By introducing the CloudNotte community we are closing in on such gaps.

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