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Our drive is supporting small businesses as well as corporate organizations, has lead our team to designing and developing solutions that will suit their needs and exceed their expectation, we have successfully design and develop several custom tailored solution to clients/ business owners ranging from a Document Management System, Inventory Management System, and Appraisal Management System.
Small business owners have used Timiun as a Merchant to sell to our existing users, after knowing that Timiun can allow them to sell directly to their friends on social media. Point of Sale (POS) solutions have been deployed to shopping centers and warehouse management systems have also been deployed to corporate organizations.

Most interesting is the feeling of independence our solutions are to our clients and easy to use, we totally hand over every detailed information that should help you manage and maintain your system at the point of delivery.

We have successfully connected more than 27 small businesses to the internet and increase their service delivery and customer support.

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