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Africa is a continent filled with diverse cultures and traditions. Its known for her unique cultural heritage that has served as a source of revenue from tourists who seeks to explore her environs.

Irrespective of her rich cultural heritage, there has been a challenge with modernization and civilization mostly due to bad leadership and a lack of belief in Africans and what they can achieve. This has led to over dependability on the first world countries to solve basic problems.

Thankfully, in recent years, we have seen an up rise in innovations by Africans especially in building tech-oriented solutions that have not only made life easier but have increased the standard of living, job creation and most importantly, ownership of Africans. In fact, researchers and experts opine that with the rate of expansion of Africa’s tech industry, it would be a competitive force in coming years.

A recent study stated that there are about 442 active tech hubs on the continent. This goes to show that the increase in tech consumers/users in Africa has yielded a corresponding increase in the number of tech creators. A large number of these innovator are greatly inspired by the need to make processes easier and faster locally.

Right now, there exist a tech solution servicing almost every sector of the African economy. The educational sector in Nigeria for example would have been overturned by the recent global crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic but for an excellent and timely innovation by Meghee tech hub with a software called CLOUDNOTTE. This product has not only made educational management easy for over 200 schools across the country, but has taken away the limitations posed by the traditional educational system.

Cloudnotte is a collaborative platform designed to keep school owners, educators, parents and students/pupils connected at all times to match global educational goals irrespective of location, space and time.

Reports from some remote villages in Africa have shown that tech solutions to transportation, food delivery, ecommerce amongst others can be accessed in these regions.

Although the African tech ecosystem is gaining global recognition, it is at a very slow rate probably because locally developed solutions are not encouraged through usage. If we have African use technology innovations developed by Africans, the world will most definitely be brought to our feet and we would record drastic improvements in the standard of living across the continent.

Gone are the days where Africans wait upon foreigners to proffer solutions to problems before any progress or step is taken towards meeting these needs. Recent years have seen young innovators take up the challenge of freedom and establish innovative ways to achieve it. Tech innovations are gradually influencing multiple sectors to include agriculture, banking, healthcare, fashion, energy, entertainment and transportation.

In the words of Jake Bright a Tech research for the past six years “I believe technology in Africa has the potential to create more impact, faster than anywhere previously in the world”


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